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Bach Thu Lo What is that? This is an interesting form of lottery, chosen by many players, because the payout is extremely attractive. However, there are also many new lottery players who do not know how to bet on the white lottery every day. Bookmaker’s news section 79KING We have compiled a number of accurate and effective methods for predicting and catching white players. Let’s find out in the sharing section below.

What is Bach Thu Lo?

This is a form of betting that is extremely familiar to lottery enthusiasts, also known by another name as single player lottery. Accordingly, players will choose a single number in the range 00 – 99 to play every day. If the number you choose appears on the results of the next drawing, you win.

Currently, playing the lottery is chosen by many bettors because there are many methods of predicting with high accuracy. In particular, the reward level is also attractive. Instead of wasting time researching many numbers at the same time, players just need to analyze and bet on 1 number with a high winning rate.

More than that, the amount of capital spent does not have to be spread out or divided like other methods of playing lottery. However, experts also say that this form of lottery betting is not suitable for bettors who aim for safety and do not want to take risks. Because you only choose 1 number out of 100 numbers from 00 – 99, the probability of winning is quite low.

If you accept risks and want to win big, the white lottery is the right choice. In addition, to participate in this form of lottery, players need to prepare a large amount of capital to support the frame and play long term.

How much money does it cost to play white card game?

With the above concept and brief assessment, you can consider whether single lottery is suitable for you or not. Besides, players also need to find out what the payout rate is for this form of lottery. The payout rate when playing lottery will depend on different regions, specifically:

  • For the Northern lottery: 1 lottery point is 23K, if you win the lottery you will receive 3 times the prize, 70K.
  • For the Central and South regions: 1 lot point will fluctuate 16 or 17K. The money won by the lottery player is multiplied by 5 times, equivalent to 80 – 85K.

How many days does it take to raise a white lotus frame?

Raising frames is a method to help increase the winning rate and avoid missing lots. Depending on the type of lottery bet, there will be different ways to raise lots. Here are some effective methods of raising lottery numbers and winning rates, helping to optimize profits:

Raise the white cape for 2 days

After predicting and finding a number that has a high probability of exploding, players will place bets on the next 2 days. Accordingly, the appropriate way to enter money when choosing to raise a 2-day lottery is: 1:1.5, 1:2 or 1:3. Depending on your current financial ability, you should consider the appropriate rate.

Bach Thu 3-day frame

For this form of frame farming, you also choose numbers from the range 00 – 99 to play for 3 consecutive days. If you leave on any day, stop on that day. In case the number of days has passed and the lot has not arrived, ignore it and choose another one. The appropriate way to enter money when playing 3-day lottery is: 1 – 3 – 8, 1 – 3 – 10.

Play the card game according to the 5-day frame

The 5-day frame farming period is quite long, suitable for those with abundant capital. In particular, you need to be patient for a sufficient number of days, avoid stopping midway. If you don’t return on the last day, you will feel regretful. The odds on the bet for 5 consecutive days will be 1:2:4:8:20.

The most accurate and effective secret to predicting and catching white lottery numbers

Prediction is a method used by many brothers to find numbers with a high probability of exploding. Each type of lottery will have its own way of predicting numbers. For lottery players, you can refer to some tips for catching bridges effectively with high accuracy such as:
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Catching double white players with 90% accuracy

This is one of the lottery prediction methods used by many people, with an accuracy of up to 90%. Players will rely on the head or tail of the silent lot to close the double white card, specifically:

  • According to the mute head: You observe the statistics table of the previous day’s mute lot to see which end is mute. Then continue to observe for the next 3 days whether the double batch of the mute head explodes. If not, then on the 4th day, choose that double lot to bet on and raise the frame for 3 consecutive days. For example: yesterday the first 5 was silent, the next 3 days the white number 55 did not appear, on Wednesday, start playing 55 for 3 days.
  • Follow the silent tail: You also observe the statistics of the previous day’s silent lot to see which tail is silent. If so, continue to monitor the next 3 days to see if the double lot with the silent tail appears or not. In case, the double number does not come back, but the double number is also dumb, choose to play the white number for 3 days.

Predict the ball according to the shape of a white pin, extremely accurate

This is a rare form of lottery, very difficult to come across, however once it comes in, the probability of being correct is 90%, 8% is a wrong number and 2% is a miss. The way to do it is quite simple, you observe 3 adjacent prizes, the best prizes are 3, 4, 5. If there are 2 numbers A and B arranged in a diamond shape (B – ABA – B), then choose BA as the white player. 3-day incubation.

For example: On yesterday’s lottery results table, 3rd prize was 56621, 4th prize was 3632, 5th prize 3465. Thus, we can see that the diamond shape is formed with 6 – 363 – 6. You immediately get 63 If you play the lottery for 3 consecutive days, the probability of it exploding is very high.

Catch the octopus in a clamp

The method of catching lottery numbers in the form of clamping numbers is quite easy to do, suitable for beginners. Accordingly, you observe on the previous day’s results table whether there is any number sandwiched between 0, 1, 2 or 8. If so, choose that batch of clamps to feed the frame for 5 days. Usually, the lot that appears in the special prize will have higher accuracy.

For example, if you follow the Northern lottery results yesterday, the special prize is 50620. We see that there is 62 sandwiched between 2 zeros, so play 62 continuously for 5 days. Usually on the 2nd or 3rd day the batch will arrive.

Prediction of white players according to silver memory

Relying on silver memory to catch white lottery numbers is an extremely effective method, widely applied by brothers. Accordingly, players will rely on the rule of numbers that often come together or repeating cycles to predict. This is a result that experts have studied for a long time so the accuracy is quite high. For example:

  • Lot 97 usually explodes on Thursdays and Saturdays.
  • The number 56 often appears on Thursdays and Sundays.
  • Yesterday lot 08 exploded, tomorrow it’s easy to win 78.
  • Lot 12 came in the day before, the next day it came in with the white numbers 05 or 40.
  • Yesterday it was lot 22, the next day it was lot 31.
  • Last time bet was 75, next time consider betting 93.
  • Today it’s 17, tomorrow it’s easy to hit 94.


In short, Bach Thu Lottery is an interesting, attractive form of 3-region lottery, worth testing. Hopefully, through the information that news section 79 KING Sharing in the article can help you better understand lottery players. Don’t forget to apply the above effective lottery prediction and lottery methods to find numbers with high accuracy rates.

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