Italian Football Odds: In-depth Analysis and Top Odds Predictions

At the present time, Italy along with Germany, England, France and Spain are the 5 countries with the largest football development on the planet. Therefore, Italian football odds are also of interest to many people with attractive matches and high payout rates. Today, New88 We will explore this type in detail with you.
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Information about the Italian football championship – Serie A

Before learning about Italian football odds, we also need to grasp general information about Serie A. This is the highest level national championship tournament in Italy for clubs. Notably, this football tournament is operated and managed by Lega Serie A. That is the unit that manages all football tournaments in the boot-shaped strip of land.

With historical records, Serie A was founded in 1898. Until now, it has had 126 years of formation and development. Thereby, Serie A becomes one of the most attractive football tournaments in the world. This is where many strong teams with football stars compete every year. Therefore, Italian football odds are also interested and accepted by many bettors.

In particular, accessing and betting on Italy is also extremely convenient. It is suitable for many people, even new bettors. When investing in this market, bettors will be free to choose the strong teams they like. For example, Juve, AC, Inter, Napoli or AS Roma. However, to be able to profit from the betting market, you also need knowledge, experience and luck.

The most popular types of Italian football odds on the market

In the current betting market, Italian football odds have become an option that attracts a lot of attention from a large number of bettors. Below are 3 popular forms of betting that most people choose.

Italian football handicap betting

This is the most popular form of betting that many people know about. This playing field is also known by another name, Asian handicap. Before an Italian football match takes place, the bookmaker will conduct an assessment of the strength of the two teams.

After this process ends, they provide a handicap rate along with the determination of the upper and lower teams. These are two options for players to choose when participating in this form of investment. Notably, the number of goals scored at the end of the match by the underdog will be added to the betting threshold from the bookmaker. You need to have reasonable calculations to be able to conquer the rate milestones of this type of bet.

Italian football odds 1×2

Italian football odds 1×2 in the market are also known by other names as European odds. The highlight of this playground is that it has an extremely simple and easy-to-understand way to participate. Specifically, players will have 3 options: Win, Draw and Lose.

Below, they will be explained specifically with the symbols of the betting form as follows:

  • Number 1 represents the case where the home team wins the match.
  • The letter X is the choice for the two teams to draw.
  • Number 2 corresponds to the away team enjoying the joy of winning the match.

When participating in this type, you need to pay attention to the house’s payout rates when successfully clearing the bet. Remember that the larger the payout for an option, the less likely it is to happen. With a simple way to play, it is clear that European betting is a very attractive market.
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Italian Football Odds Over/Under

One of the other popular forms of betting when playing Italian football odds is Over/Under. This is an extremely attractive type because it always has a large payout milestone from the house side. In particular, when we participate in this form of betting, the factor of which team wins is not a concern.

In return, bettors who choose to invest in the Over/Under playground will have to pay attention to the total number of goals scored by players from both teams. No different from handicap and European bets, the bookmaker will also conduct an assessment to set a set Over/Under odds. The investor’s task is to predict whether the match result will be more or less than the number given by the bookmaker. In particular, Over is the better choice and Under is the opposite.

Thus, New88 has discovered with you details about Italian football betting along with the most popular betting forms on the market today. Hopefully this will be a useful source of reference information for readers. Please follow us regularly to update more interesting articles!

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