Boothill, the Break Damage King of Honkai Star Rail

Boothill has just been released in Honkai Star Rail, and he’s already making rounds and taking the number 1 spot for Single Target damage on everyones tier list. And for good reason – his single target damage is out of this world. Previously, the “Hunt” king was Dr. Ratio, but when Boothill HSR does 100K per turn, casually – there’s not much space for debate. If you want to pull for Boothill Honkai Star Raill and his Weapon, which is his best option, consider using Honkai top up services!

So, we’re here to talk a bit about our own HSR Space Cowboy, how he plays, and a short guide on his best relics, planar ornaments, and teams.

Playstyle – Yeehaw

Break > Deal Tons of Damage > Repeat

That’s about all there is to Honkai Star Raill Boothills combat rotation. You want to break the enemies toughness as fast as possible and when you do – you want to keep them that way for as long as possible so that Boothill HSR can do multiple turns of Break or Super Break damage to them.

If the enemy doesn’t have Physical weakness, don’t fret – Boothill’s ultimate will deal some damage to them while also applying Physical Weakness for two turns. That means that you want Boothill Honkai Star Raill to have his ultimate up every two turns if possible. Luckily, he has a few tools to help him out with energy regeneration so that you can have Physical Weakness up on enemies at all times. Oh, and don’t worry – it isn’t a “Chance” to apply weakness, but a guaranteed debuff on the enemy.

Best Teams

Now, before you pull for Boothill HSR – you might want to consider whether or not you have one of his optimal teams. He CAN work on his own in a team with some standard characters, but he really only shines in the Super Break team that consists of the following:

  • Boothill
  • Harmony Trailblazer
  • Ruan Mei
  • Gallagher

Why these characters? Well, they either enhance break effects or have a ton of it.

Gallagher, for example, thrives through Break Effect as it enhances his healing and his ultimate provides a nice boost to Break Efficiency.

Harmony Trailblazer is so cracked that they shifted the meta. Harmony MC applies a new effect called “Super Break” to enemies which scales off of a couple of things: Character Break Eff%, character Levels, and “Toughness DMG”. And Boothill Honkai Star Raill excels in all of those.

Ruan Mei is simply one of the best supports in the game, and she enhances the break effect and DMG of her allies. Her ultimate is also amazing for delaying the enemy turn as it effectively instantly breaks the enemy once they recover from the effect.

While this is his optimal team, you can swap out Ruan Mei for Luka or Bronya, as both compliment himAnd if you don’t have any of these characters, don’t worry as you can find a great Honkai Star Rail starter account which might have these.

Relics/Planar Ornaments

Now – one thing to keep in mind is that a new Relic set will be released, most likely in ver 2.3, that fits Boothill HSR like a glove. Namely, the 4pc effect ignores enemy DEF by a certain %, and if the Break Eff of the character exceeds a certain threshold, that same effect gets enhanced even further. Which means it will be amazing for Honkai Star Raill Boothill.

As for what you can get right now – your best bet is 2pc Thief of Shooting Meteor and 2pc Watchmaker, Master of Dream Machinations.

Focus on reaching that 300% Break Eff threshold that Boothill HSR needs as it is his main stat, but more than that – it gives you free 30% Crit Rate and 150% Crit DMG, which is insanely strong.

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