Blackjack – Good Card Counting Tips that New Players Need to Know

Blackjack is no longer strange to those who are passionate about the casino genre. This is a game that attracts players with simple but no less interesting gameplay. So how to play and how to play cards to increase your winning percentage? Please follow New88’s following article to not miss important information.
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Overview of the game Blackjack

Below is some information about this game that everyone can refer to to better understand this famous game.

Concept of Blackjack

Blackjack, also known as Blackjack, is known as a game that uses a deck of 52 cards to play. In which participants will compare the scores of their cards with the scores given by the dealer to find out. Whoever is the winner, the highest score will be 21 points.

This is a form of card game with extremely simple but no less dramatic rules of play. The factors that determine whether you win or not will be mainly related to everyone’s calculating ability as well as each person’s luck when playing.

How to play Blackjack online?

As soon as it appeared at famous casinos in the European and American markets, the game created a new wave attracting many bettors to these locations. Because of the above popularity, most bookmakers in the world have now brought this Blackjack table to their units to serve the interests of bettors.

Increasingly developing digital technology has allowed many people to experience this sport right at home through online play. Online Blackjack creates a space that allows everyone to access the game as well as interact with friends around the world with just a mobile phone or tablet, etc.

Basically, online Blackjack casinos will be divided into 2 types as follows:

  • Basics: This means, you will be the only player playing against the house.
  • In person: This is an opportunity to interact with more friends, especially those from many other countries around the world. Such a table will usually have 4 players.

How to play Blackjack is easy to understand and detailed

Online Blackjack is generally not too different from playing in real life. How to play this genre will also follow two basic principles that any bettor needs to understand. 

First, if the bettor wants to win the bet, the total number of cards you have must be closest to 21. If not enough, everyone has the right to draw more cards from the dealer, but only a maximum of 3 cards. The second thing in this rule is “Busting” which means bankruptcy, this phrase will appear when the total score of your cards is over 21 points.

Rules for betting in the Blackjack card game

Each bookmaker will have its own betting rules for this subject. However, deciding how much money to bet depends on each player. There are some betting tables that will allow bettors to invite new friends into the room but are not allowed to interfere in the match.

Principles for calculating card points

When playing this game, bettors, in addition to understanding the betting rules, also need to understand the scoring principles in the game.

  • Cards from 2 to 9 will be counted according to the number of that card.
  • J, Q, K are cards worth 10 points.
  • For the Ace, there will be the following cases: It will be counted as 10, 11 points in case your total score is less than or equal to 10 and 1 point if your total score is greater than 11.
  • Especially when you own this Ace card, if you have an additional 10 card or J, Q, K, it will be considered a perfect score. And in this situation, even if the dealer has 21 points, they still have to share the winnings with you. Or in case the dealer has 1 Ace card and the same card 10, J, Q, K as the player, it is considered a tie.

Easy-to-win Blackjack tips that new players need to know

Winning and losing while playing is something that bettors cannot avoid, however there are still methods to help increase the odds of winning while playing that bettors can consider trying.
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Understand the milestones to decide whether to draw cards or not

Remembering important milestones during the game is something you need to keep in mind to increase your win rate. With low scores such as 2 – 15, you should continue to draw cards to achieve the desired score, but you need to calculate properly to not draw more than 21 points.

For those with scores from 15 to 17, consider the betting situation before drawing cards to avoid being caught out. If the player’s bet is in the range from 18 to 20, this is a quite safe number, the advice at this time is that you should stop drawing cards.

Split your capital when playing

Not only Blackjack but other online games have also applied this method, this is the experience that many players have applied. In this technique, you should divide the amount of money and bet so that the percentage of winning that game will be quite high.

Blackjack is a card game with simple but equally attractive gameplay. With the experiences and rules of this game shared above by New88, we hope to help everyone have attractive matches and easily win every game. Access to New88 Open an account to be able to compete in attractive games at the house.

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