Attractive New88 online cockfighting betting tips, winning bets quickly

Gamechicken is an extremely familiar betting subject to Vietnamese people, the rules are simple, interesting and extremely stress-relieving. Nowadays, playing cockfighting is easier than ever with Bookie New88, 100% online betting, beautiful interface, extremely attractive reward policy. Bookmaker New88 will reveal to you how to play New88 cockfighting from A – Z, receive “huge” rewards.
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Advantages when choosing New88 Cockfighting betting

With the advantage of being one of Asia’s number 1 betting and card game platforms, when choosing to play New88 Cockfighting, you will have the best experience:

  • Fully equipped with professional cameras and webcams to directly report hundreds of actual cockfighting matches.
  • The betting arena is legal, transparent, and ensures 100% safety when betting.
  • Instructions for playing New88 Cockfighting are detailed step by step, with strict and fair supervision by the house so you can bet with peace of mind.
  • The transmission is strong, clear, and the sound is vivid, giving you the feeling of playing real cockfighting.
  • Betting system, fast deposit/withdrawal, with 24/7 customer care support team to fix all problems.
  • Cockfighting bets are diverse, the winning rate is high, new registrants also receive super attractive bonuses and refunds.

New88 Cockfighting rules for beginners

The rules of New88 cockfighting are super simple, 100% similar to real-life betting, so you don’t have to be surprised when you first join. First, you will choose the New88 cockfighting match at Bookmaker New88, choose your favorite “fighting cock” and bet on it. The start of the match will be broadcast for all participants to bet on. At the end, if the chicken you choose wins, you will “win money”.

The winnings will be transferred immediately to your account, you can withdraw immediately or use capital to bet on the next cockfighting game. Note, this game does not limit the number of bettors, winnings will be divided equally depending on the total number of participants.

Instructions for playing New88 Cockfighting are extremely simple for you guys

Similar to other card games and sports betting, before starting to play, you must carefully learn the New88 Cockfighting instructions.

Log in to your account on New88

Log in/register an account directly at the official New88 website. Be sure to provide accurate email and phone number information to avoid losing your account.

Choose New88 Cockfighting

At the official interface of the New88 website, select Cockfighting to enter the table. This is a new game that appeared at Bookmaker New88 not long ago, so it still has great “heat”, you guys always have people playing.

Choose a cockfight

Deposit money into the New88 wallet to meet the minimum amount to bet, with a maximum of 4 games per bet at the same time. You allocate your finances to increase your winning rate. If you don’t focus on one game, you will easily lose everything.

Depending on the screen area of ​​your device, you can choose to view the match vertically or horizontally. Sharp images and vivid sound create a super fun feeling when participating.

Place a bet and wait for the results

After choosing a game, depositing money, you carefully examine each “cock” to choose the door you predict will win and click “ENTER” to place your bet. Currently, New88 Bookmaker supports the following popular bets for you to choose from:
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Meron door: Form of placing a winning New88 Banker’s chicken. Normally, the Banker’s chicken will be taken care of and have a higher winning rate. If the bet wins, the winning rate will be lower than the player’s bet.

Wala door: Form of predicting the winning chicken on the player’s side. When winning, the reward rate will be higher than the House’s hand. However, this hand has a lower probability of winning, so if you have a “standard” eye for chickens, you should bet on this hand.

Door Draw: 2-cock draw bet, the winning rate on this bet is the highest but it rarely happens, newbies should not bet on this bet. According to the nature of fighting cocks, they are extremely eager to win and arrogant. If they do not defeat 100% of their opponents, they will not stop.

Tips for playing cockfighting Bookmaker New88 wins “huge” bets

To win in New88 Cockfighting, in addition to carefully reading the instructions, you must also learn some personal tips. According to the shares of the experts who “stake” at the New88 cockfighting arena every day, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Choose a cock with a high probability of winning, standing out in the arena with a history of many matches. You should take the time to carefully observe the chickens, including skin color, feathers, shape must be big and strong, sharp claws, wide wingspan…
  • If the chicken has a history of losing and winning alternately, you should see which one it won and which one it lost in the past. For example, if you win or lose to a red-feathered, black-clawed animal, the probability of losing in future matches with such an animal is very high.
  • Prioritize choosing chickens that are in good form, win continuously, and have an advantage to win bets more easily. Note, you should not bet on a child who has played 5-7 consecutive matches. Even though he won before, his fighting ability has decreased and his body has scratches. As long as the opponent hits a dangerous spot, they will be immediately defeated.

Above is detailed information about betting New88 cockfighting At Bookmaker New88, you can freely experience and receive rich rewards. For newcomers,Bookmaker New88 We also support many attractive promotions, follow our next issues to learn more!

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