The Most Detailed Information About the Latest Northern Lottery 2024

Many people love betting Northern lottery because the prize is up to 1 billion VND. Moreover, buying traditional lottery tickets brings many different benefits. Let’s Cwin Find out more in this article!

Find out what traditional Northern lottery betting is?

The Northern Lottery was released in the 1960s in the capital Hanoi. Soon after, this entertaining and money-making game received support from the public and gradually spread throughout the country.

Northern Lottery is a type of lottery business and betting service accepted by state agencies. Each lottery publisher in the provinces must regulate the sale of lottery tickets to buyers over 18 years of age and must pay bonus tax according to regulations.

The motto of this type of betting is lottery for the country and for the people. All business money will be put into the state fund to be used for activities such as school construction, volunteer activities, job search support for the unemployed, and support for people in difficult circumstances. hard,…

Present, Lottery Cwin The North has 6 stations and 27 prizes drawn from 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. every weekday. Each province will hold prize draws once a week, while Hanoi capital will draw prizes twice a week.

Specifically, the schedule for recording live XSMB results in 6 northern provinces is as follows:

  • Monday: Hanoi capital.
  • Tuesday: Quang Ninh Province.
  • Wednesday: Bac Ninh province.
  • Thursday: Hanoi.
  • Friday: Hai Phong Province.
  • Saturday: Nam Dinh province.
  • Sunday: Thai Binh Province.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying traditional lottery tickets

Participating in buying lottery tickets and winning prizes will help you receive a huge amount of money. However, compared to online lottery Cwin XSMB also has a few disadvantages.


  • Traditional lottery is a type of lottery that has been played in Vietnam for a long time and is allowed by the state, so it is very reputable and transparent.
  • The winning reward is very large, up to 1 billion VND.
  • Lottery ticket prices are cheap, can be bought anywhere: agents, street vendors, lottery ticket buying apps.
  • When you buy Northern Lottery tickets, you contribute and contribute to your country’s charity fund.


  • When playing the Northern lottery, players cannot freely choose numbers. The numbers are pre-printed and you can only choose passive tickets.
  • The chance of winning billions is quite difficult because bettors need to predict 6 numbers in the correct order.

Northern lottery prize structure

With the Northern lottery, you will be paid as follows if you win:

  • The special prize is worth 1 billion VND for each winning ticket, there are 3 prizes with a total value of 3 billion VND.
  • The special prize’s secondary prize is worth 20 million VND for each winning ticket, with 12 prizes with a total value of 240 million VND.
  • The first prize is worth 10 million VND each, there are 15 prizes with a total value of 150 million VND.
  • The second prize is worth 5 million VND for each winning ticket, there are 30 prizes with a total value of 150 million VND.
  • 90 third prizes with a total value of 90 million VND, each winning prize will receive 1 million VND.
  • 600 4th prizes worth 240 million VND, each winning prize receives 400,000 VND
  • 900 5th prizes with a total prize value of 180 million VND, each winning ticket receives 200,000 VND.
  • Receive a reward of 100,000 VND if you win the 6th prize, there are 4,500 6th prizes with a total value of 450 million VND.
  • Paying 2.4 billion VND for 60,000 7th prizes, each winning ticket is worth 40,000 VND.
  • There are 15,000 consolation prizes, each worth 40,000 VND, total prize value is 600 million VND.

Northern Lottery has a total of 81,150 prizes, total prize value is 7.5 billion VND.

Where to look up Northern lottery results?

If you still don’t know how to check lottery results. Try applying the methods below.

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  • Look up lottery tickets online: Visit a website that specializes in providing and quickly updating lottery results, for example Cwin.dev or find the number via the phone application. Looking up the results is very important because it affects the numbers you use when applying the prediction method. So choose a reputable place to look up.
  • Check lottery results directly: You can also check Northern lottery results at lottery ticket agents, ask friends or roadside lottery ticket sellers.
  • Watch the prize draw on TV to know the results: The most traditional way to check the numbers is to watch the prize draw on TV according to the broadcast time frame.


In this article, Cwin has provided accurate information about the Northern lottery. Hopefully what we share can help you better understand this type. Besides, Cwin.dev offers online XSMB betting, bettors can participate conveniently and receive higher bonuses than traditional agents.

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