Exploding the God of Wealth Jar – The Secret to Conquering Many Fortunes from Experts

Explode the magic jar is a line of slot games that has emerged as a phenomenon recently. The product makes you unable to take your eyes off it because of its attractive graphics and gameplay with many new discoveries. If you want to know more about this famous masterpiece, please join us V9bet Find out in the article below.

Introducing a few details about the famous God of Wealth slot game series

Slot games like popping and spinning are a game series that has been on the market for a long time. However, this product is always new every day because it always strives to innovate from the interface, gameplay to reward methods. That’s why the product is increasingly popular on entertainment platforms.

Recently, the God of Wealth jackpot is an extremely hot product on online platforms. This game is designed according to the image of the God of Wealth, a god representing wealth and prosperity to make the game more attractive.

In this product, when you start spinning, part of the bonus will be accumulated into the general fund. The more rounds you spin, the larger this amount becomes, up to billions of dong. When you win the Jackpot, you will get the full bonus here. 

Game rules and rules you need to know when starting with opening the fortune jar

Slot games are relatively familiar to most bettors. However, each product will have a few differences so you need to understand clearly before starting. 

Function buttons in the game of opening the fortune jar

To get started easily, you need to clearly understand the location of function buttons and their uses. Just do it a few times and you’ll remember it without much problem.

  • Spin: Click here to start your game.  
  • Auto pin (auto spin): Once you select this button, the system will automatically spin until your account runs out of money or you stop yourself.
  • Bet level: Here there are two orders to increase or decrease the bet level in each spin in the lucky jackpot. 
  • Bet level: Currently, this game has 10 levels from 1 to 10 corresponding to the amount of bonus you receive. 
  • Menu: List of symbols and rules in the game. 
  • Maximum bet: When installing this mode, you will bet the entire account balance you have. 

Icons and paylines in the product

In the God of Fortune slot game, the system will pay out prizes for lines from left to right. When you win, you will receive a reward equal to the bet multiplied by the amount on each line. Below are some symbols and symbols for members to conveniently enter the game. 

  • Wild symbol: The lucky symbol can replace other symbols to create high rewards. 
  • Some special symbols such as peaches, jade, gold bars will correspond to 58, 28 and 18 points. If you can arrange all 3 of these symbols in the same line, the player will win the fortune jackpot. 
  • Jade pendant: Currently there are 3 types of jade pendant yellow, red and green corresponding to 8, 5 and 3 points.  
  • Paylines: Currently there are a total of 8 paylines, this will limit the number of winnings when you spin. However, the exception is that if you spin the Jackpot, you will win big.

Why does the magic pot always win the hearts of gamers?

Betting website V9BET owns a huge warehouse of slot games and is updated regularly. Although there are many products released every year, it is difficult to find any game that is so loved. Not only rich in entertainment, this jackpot game also brings a lot of value to members.

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Colorful game series, excellent graphics

This product scores points with players first thanks to its attractive graphics. The image of the god of wealth and many symbols related to Asian culture appear, adding to the appeal of the game. 

Here, sound effects are used very effectively to make each movement more vivid. This is the plus point that makes this product even more dramatic and attractive. 

Exploding the God of Wealth jar has a high reward rate and many promotions

This entertainment masterpiece is most popular thanks to its high reward rate and many gifts. The opportunity to win big can come to anyone who knows how to take advantage of opportunities to conquer challenges.

In particular, there are many valuable incentives for members during entertainment. Take advantage of programs such as deposit bonuses, refund incentives, daily lucky money… to have more money to bet, increase your chances of winning.  

Fast and transparent payments for all members

Exploding the God of Wealth jar has another outstanding advantage: the ability to pay very quickly. Immediately after the game ends, the system will automatically pay rewards to the player’s account. Each transaction has an invoice, so you can play with peace of mind.

Support members 24/7 when entertaining with the lucky pot of fortune

Almost every player is impressed with the professional and enthusiastic working style. No matter if you encounter any problems, you can contact the staff for detailed advice 24/7. This helps you stay entertained and not interrupted in the middle of the game. 

Good tips to help new players increase their chances of winning in the lucky pot

Anyone who starts the game wants to win to increase their income. This is not difficult, users just need to pay attention to the following issues to get started easily.

Choose the right game room to reduce competition

If you have ever played jackpot, you will know that this product has many game rooms. Therefore, members must choose wisely to reduce competition and increase their chances of winning. 

Beginners who do not have much capital should only start with low bets. At this time, the difficulty is not high so you can easily get used to it and conquer the prize. 

Choose a stable rotation speed in the God of Wealth slot

You should not be influenced by the game and change its speed erratically. According to experienced people, as long as you keep a stable level, you can win. If you change too much, you can easily use money uncontrollably and lose more easily. 

Playing time also determines a member’s chance of winning

According to research by experts, there are times when the pot returns more and it is easier to hunt for bonuses. That is the period from 11am – 1pm and from 10pm – 10pm, so you definitely have to take advantage of every opportunity to win more easily.

Allocate capital appropriately to increase efficiency when playing jackpot

Reasonable capital allocation in the fortune jar will help you go long in the game. Divide the amount of money and use it in many games, the risk of losing will be lower. In addition, you can set limits when using money to avoid loss when making hasty decisions.

Exploding the fortune jar is an ideal choice for entertainment after stressful working hours. Beautiful graphics, diverse gameplay and high reward rates are the outstanding advantages of the product. Hopefully the playing secrets of the veteran players here V9BET will help members easily conquer and earn many great rewards.

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